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We expect your pets to be house trained, vaccinated, non aggressive and socialized well with other animals and people. If we discover that your dog creates a problem to the safety of our other dogs we will be required to refuse service.

You will be expected to agree to our Standard Contract below. There is a check box at the end of this form to confirm your agreement.

Standard Contract

1. Definition:
“the Business”: includes “Annie Let The Dogs Out”, Annie Roy and any employee or independent contractor thereof.
“the Service”: includes any service performed by the Business or any product provided by the Business.
“the Client”: includes any party who contracts for Service with the Business.
“the Pet”: includes any animal, which is the subject of the provision of the Service by the Business.

2. Complete Contract
This written contract represents the entire contract between the Business and the Client. As such, no other
expressed or implied, verbal or written terms will be part of the contract as between the Business and the Client.

3. Limitation of Liability
I understand that as part of the consideration for the Service, I am waiving any and all present or future
right to bring a civil action against the Business. Under no circumstances shall the Business be
responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the Client, associated with their relationship with the
Business, howsoever caused, including by way of negligence or gross negligence on the part of the

4. Emergency Medical Care
In the case of a medical emergency, I hereby authorize the Business, in its complete discretion, to arrange
veterinary care with an appropriate provider. I agree to reimburse the Business for any charges related to said emergency care. Further, I authorize the Business to perform any emergency first aid it deems necessary.

5. Images
I authorize the Business to use any photographs or video of the Pet, for any purposes whatsoever.

6. General Provisions
i. Any ambiguity arising from this contract will not be construed against the provider;
ii. this contract comes into force when signed by the Client;
iii. Services will be regarded as divisible. As such, if the Business fails to finish providing a Service,
appropriate partial payment can be recovered by the Business, at the sole discretion of the Business.

7. Jurisdiction
This contract is governed by the laws of British Columbia.

8. Spayed or Neutered
I acknowledge that my dog(s) are spayed or neutered.

9. Agreement
By agreeing to this contract, the Client agrees to all the terms in this contract, specifically, those in clause three (3).

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