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Group Adventure Hike – $33

Daily Dog Walking provides your dog an opportunity to get exercise, personal attention, socialization, affection and play, while you are at work or busy with other errands. Research shows that dogs who have enough exercise feel less stress, exhibit fewer signs of separation anxiety, and have a healthier social temperament. In simple terms: a walked dog is a happy dog.

Group Adventure Hike includes pick up and drop off, an hour and a half walk (off leash and we guarantee the 1.5 hour walk) in the back country away from other people and dogs, towel dry, a check for ticks, treats and lots of love. We have a 7 dog maximum limit per walk.

Ask for the pre-paid package rates for savings.  10 hikes for $300, to be used within 6 months of purchase

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One-on-One Hike

One-on-One Hike includes a specifically designed walk for your dog, on or off leash with pick up and drop off.

Please give us a call to discuss your dog(s) special needs.  Pricing is determined once the requirements.

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Overnight Boarding – $70

Overnight Boarding – $70   based on a 24 hour period.  If the last day goes beyond 24 hours, but isn’t quite an over night visit, a $40 Day Care visit will apply.

Overnight Boarding includes 1 Group Adventure Hike, Home Care and Overnight Stay in a warm bed – available 7 days a week. Space is limited as we board only 3 dogs at a time. Please call beforehand for availability.

While visiting our home, we will make every attempt to maintain your pet’s regular routine.

  • All the love, hugs, tummy rubs, and attention your pet needs
  • Feeding, water and treats
  • 1 Group Adventure Hike,  an afternoon walk and a stroll at night with playtime in between
  • Medication administration/ Physical Therapy if needed

Ask for our long term discounted rates

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Daycare – $45 

Daycare includes a pick up (Squamish area only), a Group Adventure Hike (1.5 hours) an afternoon walk and lots of playtime in-between. We can provide a drop off for $5 more.

HOURS: drop off at our home between 8:00 am to 9:00 am. Pick up before 6:00 pm. If picking up after 6:00 pm a $10 charge is applied. Other arrangements can be provided upon request.

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Pet Visits – $38

Each visit includes the following:

  • All the love, hugs, tummy rubs, and attention your pet needs
  • Fresh food, water and treats
  • Potty breaks and cleanup of pet waste
  • Medication administration
  • Cleaning/tidying up of pet areas
  • Collecting newspaper, mail and packages
  • Watering your indoor/outdoor plants and gardens
  • Any other reasonable pet or home related tasks—we personalize every visit to accommodate you and your pets’ needs!

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